in the pocket

‘in the pocket’ mix by sam willis (58.76mb, 42:47mins)
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bruce haack – super nova
cLOUDEAD – dead dogs two (boards of canada remix)
ceephax – dreamer
p1e – 49 second romance
suicide – super subway comedian
absolute body control – is there an exit
fujiya & miyagi – electro karaoke (2 lone swordsmen remix)
caribou – sundialing
arthur russell – corn ♯3
atlas sound – a lullaby from the netherlands

time for a resident this week so enjoy sam’s mix and remember if you’re in paris this weekend don’t forget we’re playing at the tigersushi party at le regine. full details here. hope you can make it.


jesse somfay

hexahedral part one by jesse somfay (202.00mb, 127:17mins)
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canadian dj and producer jesse somfay has been releasing music on various labels, including traum and archipel (they will be releasing his forthcoming album next year) since 2004. the 22 year old was turned on to electronic music through online radio shows in the mid nineties. this lead him, as it has so many others, down the path to dj-ing.

after a couple of years of playing hard techno jesse began to reach back to the music his father had introduced him to as a child: jean michael jarre, tangerine dream, vangelis. this softer style is on full display in this weeks epic mix. this is part one of a five part series (the rest of which can be enjoyed here). we recommnend you turn off on the phone, make a couple of tea and sit down luxuriate in jesse’s world for two hours.

clouddead – the teen keen skip
sole and the skyrider band – the shipwreckers
burial – archangel
boards of canada – dawn chorus
aphex twin – iz-us
clark – hot may slides
radiohead – idioteque
jel – all around
air – run
radiohead – like spinning plates
black moth super rainbow + the octopus project – copying soup onto sexy birdy
caustic window – afx 114
die fantastischen vier – krieger (aphex twin baldhu mix)
flying lotus – gng bng
clark – matthew unburdened
battles – leyendecker
black moth super rainbow + the octopus project – tony face
aphex twin – alberto balsalm
boards of canada – amo bishop roden
squarepusher – iambic 9 poetry
alias & tarsier – plane that draws a white line
jel – nice last
boards of canada – gyroscope
black moth super rainbow – algae
boards of canada – untitled
global goon – glory b
bloc party – where is home? (burial remix)
portishead – wandering star
flying lotus – auntie’s lock / infinitum (feat. laura darlington)
broadcast – corporeal
black moth super rainbow – zodiac girls
the tuss – gx1 solo
yo la tengo – nuclear war (version 1)
why? – gnashville


allez-allez mix by mikhail (84.50mb, 73:45mins)
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this week we have a stellar mix from our parisian chum mikhail . he is one of the getthecurse team who have been giving us a run for money over the last year and a half with their site. over at you can find podcasts from the likes of cosmo vitelli, johnny d, radioslave, the odd chancer and the wonderful residents themselves.

well worth checking out, as are the monthly get the curse parties held at the social club in paris. the next one is on 22nd november. and speaking of paris dates, if you’re around on the 29th november be sure to come down to le regine for the tigersushi party where we’ll be playing with the mighty joakim and the tigersushi bass system.

death in vegas – heil xanax [drone]
photonz – our fable (mickey moonlight remix) [dzir]
the mole – love in travestite [musique risquée]
rekid – retro active [soul jazz]
skatebard – marimba [supersoul]
meat beat manifesto – martenot waves [warner]
the bootleg bitches – blown [studio soulrock]
motor city drum ensemble – escape to nowhere [compost black label]
photek – glamourama [science]
françois k – road of life (quiet village dub) [deep space]
portable – offline mondays [süd electronic]
johannes heil – hand made [metatron house division]
nima & beeston – the soulsinger [district of corruption]
runaway – red hot [CDR]

its another busy weekend with sam heading up to birmingham on friday for the brilliantly conceived new york noise night. the remit is to play music made in our inspired by the big apple which is not exactly the worst restriction to have.

then on saturday we’re in the bar of the end for bugged out. with a line up including miss kitten, ben trucker, casper c and more and it being one of the last bugged out at the end, its going to be a stormer we reckon.

stevie chick

made up by memories by stevie chick (79.74mb, 69:40mins)
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stevie chick is a freelance writer for MOJO, guardian, rolling stone and plan b, and editor of loose lips sink ships. sam has known him now for the past 8 years and have shared some momentous musical discoveries with him along the way – he’s as fervently passionate and committed to great music of all kinds as anyone that he knows, and is also one of his favourite writers. in the greatest tradition of rock journalism, stevie allows the reader to share in his excitement with perfectly crafted sentences that conjure up a musical picture that makes you want to run out and buy the record he’s describing on the spot!

most recently he published his opus on sonic youth entitled ‘psychic confusion: the sonic youth story” available to buy HERE or alternatively any good local booksellers, which we’re both looking forward to reading as soon as we get the chance! whilst we’re on the subject of talented hacks with books, please allow us to also highly recommend the legendary collection of creem/rolling stone journalist lester bangs finest works entitled ‘psychotic reactions & carburetor dung’ for a scorchingly passionate / funny / life changing read.

so, onto stevie’s mix, and unsurprisingly it’s an emotional journey through all kinds of scuzz, fuzz, sweat, soul and funk that makes a refreshing change around these parts to our usual four:four related business – so, what are you waiting for kiddies? go listen!

royal trux – back to school (dogs of love ep)
abe vigoda – dead city/waste wilderness (skeleton lp)
nina simone – funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter (emergency ward lp)
little sister – stanga (somebody’s watching you 7″)
shuggie otis – XL-30 (information inspiration lp)
madvillain – strange ways (koushik remix) (madvillainy koushik remixes ep)
dr who dat – on the doelow (beat journey lp)
the beatnigs – nature (beatnigs lp)
spacier – the slits (return of the giant slits lp)
sylford walker – deuteronomy (lamb’s bread international lp)
bad brains – how low can a punk get? (black dots lp)
residual echoes – jamaiscas (firsts ep)
the white stripes – hand springs (hand springs 7″)
butthole surfers – earthquake (humpty dumpty lsd lp
betty harris – break in the road (break in the road 7″)
sonic youth – quest for the cup (experimental jetset trash & no star lp)
the hunches – too much adrenaline (hobo sunrise lp)
luscious jackson – rock freak (coda) (natural ingredients lp)
deep purple – flight of the rat (break edit) (in rock lp)
funkadelic – you hit the nail on the head (america eats its young lp)
orlando julius & his afro-sounders – my girl (afrobeat nirvana lp)
margo guryan – someone i know (take a picture lp)
madness – a day on the town (seven lp)

this friday and saturday steve is out in force down in brighton for a vice kills night (full details here) and then back in london at the lock tavern for the legendary asbo night alongside the brilliant riotous rockers and alvin c (full details here). see you there.