allez-allez mix – by seeland (89.60mb, 65:14mins)
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seeland are an act on the ever reliable lo recordings founded out of the ashes of broadcast and plone back in 2004.

comprising tim felton and billy bainbridge, the duo formed amid the fallout from birmingham’s retro futurist electronic – a group of musicians inspired the bbc radiophonic workshop, joe meek and 60’s library music. taking their cue from these influences and sounds such as can, human league and syd barret’s pink flloyd they fashioned their debut album ‘tomorrow today’ which came out this spring.

their new single ‘captured’ is taken from there and is a gorgeous nugget of upbeat psych tinged pop perfect for these sunny autumn mornings. get it here get a taste a of the music that inspired the music from this weeks mix.

helmut zacharia – tokyo melody
maria cinta – allez tapez dans les mains
screaming lord sutch – the cheat
marie laforet – sunday morning
rogerio duprat – batacumba
agincourt – barn owl blues
july – dandelion seeds
him and the others – she’s got eyes
the night blooms – crystal eyes
praline – cest comme je vous ldis
mulatu astatqe – yegelle tezeta
amon dull II – archangel thunderbird
the all night workers – why dont you smile now
bill matte – parlez vous l’francais
la dusseldorf – silver cloud
the poets – thats the way its gotta be
robert hall – version
jean yves tourbin – le boumerang
thane russell – drop everything and run
the open window – 4 a.m. june the sky was green
panatella 1


5 Responses to “seeland”

  1. el vale Says:

    I can’t download it!!!…….. help please!!

  2. allez-allez Says:

    oops. link up now

  3. el vale Says:

    thanxxxx!! o nit now!!

  4. dadz Says:

    looks like amon dull is written Amon Düül. it’s hard, i know

  5. Faisal Latif Says:

    This looks rather interesting!

    As always, your mixes are much appreciated!


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