raz ohara and the odd orchestra

oddpod – by raz ohara (65.10mb, 54:16mins)
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this week we’ve got a gorgeous low key mix from get physical artists raz ohara and the odd orchestra to celebrate the launch of their new opus II.

II is the follow up to their 2007 self titled debut and contains more avant-garde open hearted pop music aimed more for the after party (or the after after party) than the dancefloor.

the songs for this long player took form during a jam session raz and guitarist tom krimi had on tom’s outdoor terrace. taking this organic process to its natural conclusion the two took a jaunt outside the city to write and record in the countryside. these al fresco jams were then arranged and developed by raz with long time collaborator oliver doerell to give the finished product which hits shops on monday. you can order it here now.

the accompanying odd pod raz has compiles is in a similar vein and features many a an allez-allez favourite like tom waits and the godlike bill callahan. relax and dive in.

antony & the johnsons – the lake
eels – in my dreams
doctor rockit – café de flore
david thomas & the pedestrians – monster thinks about the good days
nine horses – birds sing for their lives
scott walker – angels of ashes
devendra banhart – white reggae troll
andrew pekler – localite
bill callahan – jim cain
tom waits – time

thanks to all that made in down to our third birthday celebrations at cargo – it was a roaring success with the usual storming set from nathan fake and some sublime djing from appleblim. at our next party on the 14th november we turn our attention to one of our favourite labels, the brilliant playhouse records.

since it’s inception in 1993 (alongside sister labels klang electronik and ongaku music), by ata macias, heiko schafer and alter ego’s roman flugel and jorn elling wuttke the playhouse aim has been to create “futuristic house-music, combining the timeless elements of old school house music with fresh science fiction ingredients”. along the way they have given us classic releases from the likes of isolee, lindstrom, ricardo villalobos, alter ego, rework, melchior productions, daniel wang, international pony and roman flugel amongst many others, and the exquisite famous when dead compilation series which draws together a faultless collection of diverse and essential electronic music (see below for a list of our 5 playhouse morsels to check if you don’t already know them).

one name virtually synonymous with the label is peter kremeir aka losoul. dubbed “the coolest m.f. in minimal house” by none other than kompakt’s michael mayer, losoul’s tracks and remixes have been setting fire to dancefloors across the world for well over a decade. away from the studio he is an highly regarded dj, drawing music from different eras to create what he describes as a “timeless mood.” we are extremely chuffed and more than a little excited to be hosting one of these sets at cargo – check out his awesome recent mix for resident advisor here.

also along for the ride and putting the full rubber stamp on this as a playhouse night is label founder heiko schaeffer. clearly a man of faultless taste as the label roster proves, he is a dj of over 20 years and we our very proud that he will be joining losoul and ourselves on the decks for a rare london set. this is not to be missed.

once again the price you pay for entry is upto you with 50% of whatever you give being donated to amnesty international. whatever you pay the night will be a bargain with the phenomenal music starting at 8 and lasting till 3. come early.

allez-allez’s playhouse essential listening

khan feat. julee cruise – say goodbye (losoul mix)
rework – jogging beat (roman flugel’s tender feet mix)
isolee – schrapnell
ricardo villalobos – easy lee (smith n hack remix)
recloose – cardiology (isolee mix)


3 Responses to “raz ohara and the odd orchestra”

  1. He_Is_Me Says:

    Opening track by Anthony and the Johnsons forgoten, I guess?

    Nice downtempo, Sunday morning selection.

  2. allez-allez Says:

    oops again.

    now amended

  3. david john Says:

    oh yeah, thanks guys!

    can’t wait for the new album to be released too.

    this is such a freaking incredible site.

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