gavin russom

allez-allez mix – by gavin russom (86.90mb, 72:24mins)
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we are huge fans of the works of gavin russom rounds these parts. we become aware of the renaissance man, who works with sculpture and drawing as well as music, back in the early years of this decade when alongside delia gonzalez he produced the monumental ‘days of mars’ album on dfa. the four track ambient synth opus rocked our world and spun off two soundsystem melting classic remixes by dfa and carl craig.

this year mr russom went one furthur with the release of his ‘black meteoric star‘ album which is pretty much a shoo-in for steve’s album of the year. if you do not own this psychedelic acid drenched masterpiece yet then you are seriously falling asleep on the job. get it here now.

we are obviously delighted to host this mix by gavin which highlights that his inspiration stretches into the realm of djing. download it, enjoy and buy that album.

phillipe besombes – geant
tony conrad and faust – from the side of man and womankind
queen – another on bites the dust (gavin russom remix)
bruce haack – party machine
centuries – dance with me
massarra – margarita (gavin russom edit)
psychic tv – ov power
capracara – king of the witches
dynamix ii – dreamscape
discodeine – tom select
jack frost – clap me
doris d. and the pins – shine up
juliet – avalon (jacques lu cont remix)
phantasia – violet skies
moussa dombia – keleya
grace jones – willams’ blood (aeroplane remix)
gary wright – my love is alive


our label amazing sounds first release is now on sale digitally.

get harmonia & eno ’76 remixes ep with reworkings of tracks from the classic ‘tracks & traces’ album by shackleton & appleblim & komonazmuk at the links below.


very limited white vinyl 12″ will be on sale very soon.


8 Responses to “gavin russom”

  1. 20jazzfunkgreats Says:

    Are you guys in Brighton tonight then? I don’t know how will you be doing for time, bit it would be awesome if we could catch up over a pint at some point!

  2. 20jazzfunkgreats Says:

    Oh, what a mix btw

  3. Faisal Says:

    This mix is absolutely KILLER. One of the best, and I think I’ve listened to almost every single AA mix over the last couple of years.

    Gotta get myself Russom’s latest album. Keeping hearing great things.

    Thank you as always. I’ll be listening to this mix a few more times I think.

    Btw – considered getting Fuck Buttons to do a mix? I know the guys fairly well now, and think they would probably up for it? Andy likes techno, Ben, hardcore/punk.

    Surely a perfect recipe for an AA mix…?

  4. allez-allez Says:

    Hi Faisal, we’d love a Fuck Buttons mix, so if you can put a good word in for us, by all means!


  5. Faisal Says:

    I’m on it.

    FB have just started the American leg of their world tour but think they’re back in mid-December when they’ll probably have some proper time to do a mix.

    Well, they haven’t agreed to it yet, but I’m sure they’ll be into the idea!

  6. Kemposaur Says:

    Beginning to hate myself for missing Russom when he was up in Scotland a few months ago.

    Cheers for the mix!

  7. BCR Says:

    nice, thanx!

  8. shooshbang Says:

    Russom was absolutely beasting when he played at Optimo. I almost wet my pants when he started laughing manically into the mic over Dominatron.

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