OSCarr mix – by Roland™ (60.70mb, 66:12mins)
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this week we are delighted to hand the reigns over to a certain miss Roland™, the brains, some say, behind the legendary optimo (espacio) night in glasgow who has cooked up up something very special to mark ten years that the night has been running. the other two jd twitch and jg wilkes will be joining us for our christmas party on the 15th december at the amersham arms along with grovesnor which is going to be a shindig you can’t really afford to miss. but for now sit back, relax and enjoy a trip back in time.

the parsonage – drone 1
big ned – love, honour and obey
catie faulds – catie faulds plays optimo
uter – vibrato
mount florida
– a riot on jamaica street (matador)
pro forma – human error
truffle club – autoconform *with a little bit of* mark hex – this is glasgow
bis – looking from a hilltop
creme de menthe – plastique
magic daddy – miscreant
x vectors – winter of our discotheque
mount florida vs. kelvin bridge – yo la poptimo
electronicat – tonight
electronicat – tonight (locked groove 3)
naum – ari (kompakt)
the stranglers – golden brown (d.j. twitch remix)
creme de menthe – we are living in the night
uter – tomorrow’s clown

This mix is an Optimo 10th Birthday special featuring many of the records released on their OSCarr record label over the years. As they generally only come out on 12″, most people don’t know much about these records. Maybe this will perk up your interest. Here’s a brief history:

1999 – Roland, the sampler is incorporated into the Optimo ranks and makes her presence instantly felt by allowing lots of exclusive tracks at the club, many of which would help define the early years of Optimo. She quickly takes on a life of her own and get her name put on all of the promotional material and announces all the live acts.

2001 – OSCarr records (Optimo Singles Club and related records) is launched with the release of the legally dubious An Espacio Oddessey hogmanay mix CD and the equally shady ‘Remember When We used to Play?” EP, featuring the most requested Roland tracks and a few others. Copies of this 12″ have been sold for ridiculous amounts on ebay recently. It also sets an ongoing precedent by by having one track that skips on nearly every copy.

2002 – Electrocla$h arrives and Optimo gets lumped in with it like every other passing genre. Three(!) records come out on OSCarr that year; Bis’ Fac 2002 EP, featuring four covers of Factory records hits; Creme De Menthe’s EP, which gets Single of The Week in the NME and is proclaimed an electrocla$h classic. Pro Forma’s 12″ also comes out. Pro Forma’s live shows become well regarded as completely fucking nuts in Glasgow and they also play the last night of Optimo at Planet Peach (or Planet Pish as it’s known by regulars.) Around this time Roland™ is retired and replaced with a more user friendly, but less sexy Apple Mac.

2003 – Mr. Fred Bigot releases the only record to come out proper on OSCarr; a delicious mix of electro and rockabilly. It’s also the only OSCarr release to skip intentionally as it has 3 locked grooves.

2004 – Tired of releasing mix CDs at the Hogmanay (that’s new year to anyone not Scottish) party, Twitch and Wilkes decide to give away a split 7″ single featuring Liquid Liquid live at the club and a medley of Optimo hits played on the piano by regular punter, Catie Faulds. On the 1st of January 2005, literally hundreds of copies can be found in Renfrew Street where the party was held.

2005 – OSCarr do a deal whereby Tigersushi will help with the release of the records and the catalogue numbers change to OSCTS00xx. There are riots in the streets that another British product has been taken over by Johnny Foriegner. Not really. OSCarr release records by Uter, Park Attack and a split record of glitchy house and techno to promote the off shoot club The Black Rabbit Whorehouse.

2006 – Edinburgh rockstars X Vectors catch everyone’s attention with their punk-funk cover of Jamie Principle’s ‘Your Love’. It’s released as the B-side to the OSCarr release ‘The Winter of Our Discotheque’. In addition, many things are given catalogue numbers as a tribute to Factory. OSC0013 or 14 is a round of JD and Coke bought at The Sub Club, allegedly.

2007 – After a little tribulation, The Parsonage EP should be released in December. The Parsonage are a 40+ strong choir formed by Optimo’s former cash desk assistant Janis Murray and many other friends of the club. They cover old pop classics and even older C&W/blues tracks. Prepare to fall in love.

2008 and beyond? – Who knows. In 2008 OSCarr plans to release records by Big Ned, Mark Hex and Findo Gask. Keep you ears and eyes opened.

Roland™ would like to thank; Twitch, Wilkes, Roland™, Rachel, Matt De Menthe, Simon Henderson, Paul Thomson, Victoria Henderson, John Disco, Sci-Fi Steven, Manda Rin, Fred Bigot, Catie Faulds, Scott Hartley, Richard McGuire, Salvatore Principato, Dennis Young, Declan Roney, Martin Johnstone, Marceline Smith, Rob Churm, Tom Straughton, Lorna Gilfedder, Dave Clark, Greg Hurst, Rory Connaghan, Jon Murray, Paul MacEachen, David Caldwell, Janis Murray and The Parsonage, Spony, Mhairi McClymont and Mark Hex. She would also like to thank Teamy for helping to find all the records and remembering when they all came out.“


kathy diamond

allez-allez mix – by kathy diamond (mixed by soft rocks)
(27.80mb, 30:19mins)

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its coming up for album of the year time and one that will high in our list is kathy diamond‘s ‘miss diamond to you‘. so we’re delighted that miss diamond has made this mix personally for us. and we don’t need to say anything else as she’s said it all for us. take it away kathy…

this is a selection of song i love. my favourites rotate constantly. as my mood changes so does my top ten! and let me tell you as anyone who knows me will say the weather can be pretty changeable!

donna summer – love to love you baby
one love that never alters is my love for donna summer and thats why she is evergreen in my tracklisting and the reason for us gift wrapping this mix in ‘love to love you baby’. its just too good to hear once.

john martyn – save some
john martyn is amazing. the obvious track captured me originally was ‘solid air’ but ‘save some’ is just a little different and brilliant poetry.

elkie brooks
– the rising cost of love
if i could be anyone i would be elkie! her voice is full of emotion and it cracks in the right places. her imperfections are her perfections and thats what hits your heartstrings. she is so full of soul and needs to be played more often. this track is classic disco and its constantly on in my headphones.

chaka khan – i know you i live you
what a woman – she’s definitely all woman and this track is brilliant.

– hooked on you
this track is fabulous. its all hook, especially the piano. love it.

carole king – i feel the earth move
carole king is a major favourite of mine. one of the greatest songwriters of our time. to be applauded in a big way.

marvin gaye & tammy tyrell – ain’t no mountain high enough
needs no introduction. just turn up the volume and sing your head off.

zombie zombie

allez-allez mix – by zombie zombie (49.10mb, 53:41mins)
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(photo by marco dos santos)

zombie-zombie is a crazy scientist and musical project based in paris lead by two people, professor etienne jaumet and cosmicneman who use sound and rhythm to explore the feeling of fear growing inside of you.

they draw inspiration from horror movie soundtracks by the likes of romero and carpenter as well as from bands like goblin, suicide, raymond scott, silver apples and can as this exclusive mix well demonstrates.

spectrum/silverapples – whirlwind
dopplereffekt – sterilisation
raymond scott – limbo the organized riad
pierre henry – la bête de la mer
organisation – tone float
françois de roubaix – survol
john carpenter – assault on precint 13
gyorgy ligeti – musica ricercata
neu – fur immer
cliff martinez – is that everyboby wants?
the goblins – flashing
lard free – 12 ou 13 juillet que je sais d’elle
suicide – harlem
mr oizo – stunt
turzi – amadeus
ear – worm to a shadow, whirling circles

their ‘driving this road until death sets you free’ ep is available now on versatile records and the band are touring like some particularly lively soldiers of the living dead to support it.

24 nov london ­– takeaway show / st pancrass station (solos)
24 nov london – say yes / amersham Arms
25 nov london – 333 mother bar
10 dec leeds – brudenell social club (with quack quack)
11 dec brighton – greenhouse effect (with medicine and duty)
12 dec london – corsica studios (with quack quack)
13 dec bristol – cube
14 dec coventry – taylor john’s house
15 dec nottingham – liars / stealth
16 dec glasgow – optimo
17 dec aberdeen – electric boutique / snafu
18 dec edinburgh – henry’s cellar club
19 dec sheffield – lovers / the old house
20 dec london – 93 feet east (with the chap and morviscous)
21 dec manchester – café saki
22 dec northampton – fishmarket
28 feb london – club julie / amersham arms (with turzi)

if you can only make one of those myraid london dates we heartly recommend that you choose say yes at our lovely home the amersham arms. run by our disco’s rory phillips and nadia ksaiba, say yes is their new night of awkward dance, forgotten post-punk classics and electronic oddities where they focus on quality not quantity by selecting just one or two great acts for each party and allowing them to showcase themselves with full length sets. the first one of saturday the 24th november has the zombie zombie boys live and a dj set by mock n toof. go.

and finally don’t forget its our 1st birthday party at the amersham this saturday with shackleton (live), basteroid (live). appleblim and us dj-ing. its start as 9 and is free before 9.30pm £2 before 10.30pm, then £7 (£5 NUS). see you there.

samurai fm & get the curse

******* STOP PRESS *******

its our birthday week and its time for presents. as well as the kompakt night tommorrow (tickets still available here) and the 1st birthday party at the amersham arms on saturday we have more music for you.

we’ve teamed up with our friends at samurai fm and soma to bring you an awesome mix by andrew weatherall. you can stream it over at the samurai site.

joe boot and the four winds – rock ‘n’ roll radio
lord dent and his inavders
– wolf call
hip bone slim – snake pit
tav falco – jungle rock
charlie feathers – jungle fever
rochee and the sarnos – rumble in the jungle
the fall – rowche rumble
the cheers – black denim
the crestones – she’s a bad motorcycle
sir frog and the toads – mustang
vince taylor – brand new cadillac
the pistoleers – bank robber
gin gilette – train to satanville
johnny burnette – lonesome train
nervous norvus – the fang
shockheaded peters – I bloodbrother be
killing joke – bloodsport
link wray – jack the ripper (live version)

also the excellent french website get the curse asked us to contribute a mix for their podcast. you can get steve’s effort over at there site.


volume two

allez-allez volume two – by sam (53.56mb, 46:48mins)
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this week we have the second in our ‘volume’ series of longer mixes. this one was put together for our friends over at fact magazine. we had a wee natter with them as well, the result of which can be found here.

nathan fake – you are here (four tet remix) (border community)
dj koze – cicely (philpot)
panda bear – bros (paw tracks)
mayer/thomas – überwiesen (kompakt)
matthew dear – tide (ghostly)
terrestrail tones – gargoyle (paw tracks)
bo’tox – babylon by car (cliche)
funktion tracks vol. 1 – fatty’s lunch box (stickmen)
andreas dorau – 40 frauen (superpitcher remix) (mute tonetrager)
james holden – corduroy (border community)
andwella – hold on to your mind (mercury)

principles of geometry

allez-allez mix – by principles of geometry (66.20mb, 57:46mins)
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principles of geometry = 2 bearded cosmic twins.
they live in lille, they are obsessed with vintage analog synths, they are control freaks, hippie nerds, they like moustaches, NASA videos, woods and dakota. our kind of people.

their upcoming album on tigersushi ‘lazare’ is an ambitious album synthesis of decades of electronic music incorporating influences like john carpenter, terry riley, wendy carlos and the aphex twin. this hour long mix gives an idea of the sounds that have influenced them. put simply it is stunning.

intro : PoG & Thinkabout 1982
france copland – RutgerHauer song
dabrye – machines Pt. I
the Warriors OST – baseball furies chase
terry riley – in the summer
bibio – quantock
idioma – vessel
mr oizo – ovoma
principles of geometry – corvo sulla città (speakerine rmx)
joakim – peter pan over the bronx
slag boom van loon – poppy seed (BoC reprise)
star of the lid – aperlude in C#
dabrye – snowbreaker
vast aire – what goes up
principles of geometry – golem
sebastian – dolami
cannibal ox – from the planet of eat
clan des siciliens OST – tema per le goff
principles of geometry – colfax

on wednesday 14th november its time for kompakt to return to plastic people. this time there’s a rare live set from the orb’s thomas fehlmann, a master of deep, lush organic techno and ambient sounds, and a true legend within electronic music. accompanying him will be a dj set from kompakt’s very own disco prince justus köhncke and, of course, our good selves.

advance tickets are available here.